Research Project

Stanley-Whitman House began a research project in 2013 with the goal of developing a picture of what slavery looked like in Farmington and what the practice meant to the town. To achieve this, the first phase is focusing on compiling documentation on the all the captive people who resided in Farmington since its earliest days.  In the process, we hope to reconstruct the lives of these captive people in as much detail as possible in order to record them as human beings, rather than only as “slaves.”

Volunteer researchers are carefully examining and recording a variety of primary materials to find captive people and information about them. These materials include probate inventories, wills, account books, census records, cemetery inventories and town records.

To date, we have compiled a list of over 90 documented captive people who lived in town between 1697 and 1820, as well as a list of close to 100 people who may have been slaves at some point in their lives. There are many more people awaiting discovery.

This is an ongoing project

This website provides updates about the project and its findings. Check back often to learn about new discoveries and people the project has uncovered. New volunteers are always welcome to join the research team!